Prevent reviews of shows when there are no episodes available

Hi all

How is it that users are able to submit reviews for shows, even when there aren't any episodes yet available for a particular show. Surely this is not logical as there there by definition isn't anything to review until there are episodes available.

At present, even shows that are in the coming soon section of the content Explorer that have no episodes available have ratings them. I fear this may be leading to content not being given a fair hearing, because people give lower ratings on the basis that the content isn't available yet. Giving a false impression of how good or not so good a show may be. It would also appear that sometimes people confuse the review tab with the comment tab of a show page and submit what aren't actually reviews, but just general comments

can a change made to the system so that people can only submit reviews for a show when episodes of a show are available to view on the system.

People have been noticing this sort of issue for a while. When I posted on Viki discussions about it today. I had a reply that contained several topics relating to the issues with reviews




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