Viki Watch Party Improvement Suggestions

After using Watch Party for a little while, I think the following feature improvements are necessary:

1. Give the option to start on any episode when doing a public watch party.

2. Fix the issue where when people join or leave your watch party, the video pauses for a second. It’s very annoying because sometimes people constantly join and leave without committing.

3. Fix the issue where when you’re in full screen mode, you get kicked out of it every time someone joins and leaves the stream.

4. Allow videos to auto play to the next episode, the same way it auto plays when you’re watching alone if you have that feature turned on.

I think these features would greatly improve the functionality and usefulness of Viki Watch Party.



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  • Also would like to add the feature suggestion for watch party hosts to be able to start a series over from the beginning, once the end of a series is reached.

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