Can't Access Episodes

I'm using Roku to watch Viki but there is no option other than play. Access to episodes is not available and it never remembers where I left off the last episode. 



  • Hello kelly_575,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    We have removed the ‘Follow’ feature on Roku, but the ‘Following’ list is now available again on the latest Viki channel version 2.15.0.

    You may need to add the shows to your "Watchlist" to see all your watched shows.

    For shows that you previously followed on Roku, they will still appear on your ‘Following’ list. Please make sure to update your Viki channel to version 2.15.0 to access your ‘Following’ list on your Roku device.

    You can now add shows from your ‘Following’ list directly onto your ‘Watchlist’. Learn how to do this here!

    We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused and seek your kind understanding. We hope to streamline all of our Connected TV apps and improve your viewing experience.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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  • Thanks. I have version 2.16. The only way I can see episodes already watched is by first adding the show to my watchlist.

    The watchlist directions are incorrect for Roku. I have to first go to Watchlist, then search for the show, then add it to the watchlist. Previous watched episodes never show up on the home page, only if previously added to the watchlist.


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  • Hello Mick,

    We're really sorry if there was a delay in responding to this thread and we also apologize if the steps given were incorrect.

    You are right that you need to add the show first to your watchlist to see your progress, however, we're afraid that previously watched episodes won't appear if the show was just added recently to your watchlist.

    We hope this clarifies your concern.


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