[Solved] Video playback error 6

I was about to begin episode 40 (last episode) of Suspicious Partner when i got the error 6 messGe protected content license error. What do I do?


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    Hi dlesser_812 & kvfc2hnxvh_256,

    We were experiencing some playback issues earlier today, which have since been fixed by our engineers. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused.

    If you are still having technical issues, please send details (screenshots included) to our Help Center at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

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  • Hello ,

    We're sorry you're experiencing issues with the web video player.

    To make sure this is not a browser issue can you please try the following?

    1. Restart your home internet network. For more details - Helpful steps to troubleshoot video issues
    2. Log out from your account
    3. Clean the cache and cookies on your browser. - How do I clear the cache and cookies on my web browser?
    4. Ensure your browser is up to date.
    5. Close the browser and restart it again.
    6. If you're using Firefox, check that you have DRM enabled. [Menu > Preferences > Scroll down to 'Digital Rights Management (DRM) Content' and check the box to play DRM content]
    7. Log back into your Viki account
    8. Try again from another browser

    Are you still experiencing these issues with the video player? If so, can you please provide the following information?

    • Go to any affected video > video player settings > click 'Report Video Issues' and submit a report. This will allow us to obtain some information on the backend to debug the issue.
    • Are you using a VPN or proxy?
    • Browser version and operating system. Click here to see all related information — you will get a link with all the information we need. Please share this link with us.
    • A screenshot or screencast of the error message or issue
    • Your internet speed. Please share with us the download speed by going to this website

    Thank you so much for your help. We'll look forward to your reply.




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  • I am watching Angry Mom on Roku and TV and got this message.

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  • Same, I was watching Gentleman & Young Lady on my Apple TV and received the same error. Also, it only seems to be happening with Kocowa shows I’m able to watch Viki Originals.

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