Black Screen with HDMI!

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Lite tablet, and a HDMI for it so I can watch dramas on my TV! But I cannot.
I get the black screen , but I can still hear the sound. Both of these things are new, and my TV is fairly new too. So, any suggestions on what I should do?



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  • Hello,

    Thanks for writing in! Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with Viki via your HDMI cable.

    Your device may be experiencing a HDCP issue that is preventing content playback. You may try the following to see if it resolves the issue:

    • Reverse the ends of the HDMI cable.

    • Use a new HDMI cable.

    • Use another HDMI port on your TV.

    • If available, try connecting on another TV.

      • If you were able to stream on another TV, there may be an issue with the HDMI port on the original TV. Contact the TV manufacturer for further assistance.

    Are you still having the same issues? If so, can you please provide the following information?

    1. What is the TV device model? Do you have Google Play Store on your TV to download the Viki TV app?
    2. Which specific movies or episodes are causing this issue? Please give as many details as possible. 
    3. Does this issue occur when you're trying to watch The Witch's Diner episode 3?
    4. Does this issue occur when you're trying to watch any episode of The Bond?
    5. A screenshot or picture of the issue.


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