Extended buffering, repeated ad cycle

Extended buffering(tried everything) and 2-3x repeat of an ad cycle(3-4 ads). Im assuming this is a Rakuten hustle to increase viewing minutes for ad rates.


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    Ads help us cover the cost of licensing the shows you like. You can upgrade to Viki Pass which allows ad-free viewing and access to our exclusive content in HD, where available!

    You can purchase this at

    However, if it is disruptive/causing your device to crash, could you first please try the following:

    1. Log out from the Viki app
    2. Delete and Reinstall the Viki app
    3. Log back in to Viki

    If you're still facing issues thereafter, I would like to request more information about this issue so I can pass this to our team:

    1. What's your current location?
    2. What's the device model? (ex. Samsung Note II, etc.)
    3. What's your OS version? (ex. Android 4.4.4, etc).
    4. What's the current Viki version that's installed on your device?
    5. Can you name or describe the ad that caused issues while watching videos on Viki?
    6. After the ad causes the phone to freeze or force close, what happens next? Does the device crash? Does the app close? Are you able to open the app again without restarting your device?

    7. A screenshot of the ad or ads that are causing this issue. Please let us know if it's multiple ads and what episode you were watching when it happened.

    I'll look forward to your response and thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

    Best regards,
    Viki Community Team Member

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