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My viki pass subscription works on iPad but not on fire stick or fire cube…emails to you go unanswered and your bot is unable to come up with an answer. What really doesn’t make sense is I can watch all the free stuff so the app works on Fire stick just viki pass doesn’t. 
like a lot of people I’m getting fed up paying for a subscription I am unable to watch on a tv screen, and requests for help and support are being ignored. This is my last attempt before I cancel subscription and look elsewhere. I’m already 6 months onto my subscription.







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    Hello isabelmcqueen_489,

    Thanks for writing in!

    I’m sorry that you're experiencing issues with Viki on your Connected TV Device.

    To make sure this is not an app problem can you please try the following?

    1. Log out from your account
    2. Uninstall and reinstall the Viki app from your device.
    3. Turn your device off and on again.
    4. Log back into your Viki account by following the steps here.

    Are you still having the same issues with the Viki app? If so, can you please provide the following information?

    1. What is the version of the Viki app are you using? You can find this information in the app settings.
    2. An exact description of the issue you're experiencing.
    3. Which device and model number are you using?
    4. Which specific movies or episodes are causing this issue? Please give as many details as possible
    5. A screenshot, picture or short video of the error message or issue.

    I'll look forward to your response.

    John Rey
    Viki Community Support

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  • Hi firstly thank you so much for replying.

    well, on the fire stick  I have uninstalled switched device off twice now and now can’t get the app to download. The twice I did get it loaded it said it was successful and to verify via the email which would be sent… no email both times.

    on the fire cube I have the app again it says successfully but no email to verify. Is this my problem? It says I can verify from my accounts page but all it gives me is the option to change my password. I realise I must be doing something wrong but i need help to fix it.

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  • Hello isabelmcqueen_489,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in. We'll get you back in quickly!

    Please be informed that before you set up your Fire Stick you have to verify your email address first. We have sent the email verification link to your email address isab*** You will receive an email with further instructions. Follow the steps and verify your email. Make sure to check your Spam folder if you don't see the email in your Inbox.

    I hope it helps.

    John Rey
    Viki Community Support

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  • I am still getting the ads after I paid for the year.  Is there something else I need to do

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  • Hi kwerth_692,

    We can see your subscription linked to your account with username "kwerth_692". You may try to logout and log back in to ensure that you're using the right account.

    Additionally, we will be reaching out to you via a ticket on the Help Center shortly incase you need more assistance with accessing your subscription. Please help to respond there too as this post will be closed to prevent multiple requests confusion.

    Hope this helps!


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