How long does it take for a show that's on air which it is true beauty to become available for non-Viki pass members

How long does it take for a show that's on air which it is true beauty to became available for non-Viki pass members. I am waiting on episode 5 which was supposed to come out today (Jan 13th 2021).And when is all of the episodes of true beauty becoming non Viki pass?



  • Hello,

    Thanks for writing in.

    New “True Beauty” episodes are available for Viki Pass subscribers only. You can watch right away when you subscribe to Viki Pass. 

    We hope this answers your question!



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  • Hi, I have the same question - which you failed to answer.

    The question is not "how can I watch it now?" but "when can I watch the rest of the episodes without Viki Pass?" Aka, as a non-subscriber with no intention of subscribing, will there ever be a time that the rest of the episodes are available to watch for free? Because it is long past 14 days from airing for most of the new episodes beyond Episodes 1-4. 

    So I guess the real question is: "is True Beauty Episodes 5 and beyond only available to Viki Pass subscribers?"

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  • Hi lilyanneclarkson_101,

    Yes, you will need a Viki Pass to watch those locked episodes.

    If you need more details on how to subscribe, you may refer to this article.

    Hope this clarifies now.



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  • How come we have to subscribe to watch it and will you ever make it so non subscribers or people who don't intend to subscribe can watch because it is un fair to people who download this app to watch shows and then can't even watch the shows they want to with out having to subscribe

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