[Closed] I was charged before my free trial ended!

Hii. I just got charged before my free trial ended, I was going to cancel my annual subscription but I changed my mind. I was going to cancel but I originally signed up for the Viki Pass annual subscription. However, I changed my mind and was interested in cancelling the trial. I was told that if did not cancel I would be charged on 27/11/2020. This happened on 19/11/2020. However, I ended up being charged a day earlier on 26/11/2020. The information was misleading! I ended up with a charge in my account a day earlier!


  • it probably has to deal with the time zone different? Not sure if they are using the same time zone as you do. maybe next time cancel it a few more days earlier, don't wait til the last minute.

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  • come faccio a cancellare la mia prova di 7 giorni?

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  • Hi didi1701,

    As user jamie_painterq_772 mentioned, it's likely a time zone confusion. We have reached out to you via an email ticket with more details. Please help to reply there as well as this post will be closed. 

    Ciao arrigo19_214,

    Puoi annullare l'abbonamento con i passaggi elencati qui.

    Se continui a riscontrare problemi tecnici, invia i dettagli (screenshot inclusi) al nostro Centro assistenza all'indirizzo e ti risponderemo il prima possibile.


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