Dramaworld season two?

I have just finished watching Dramaworld season 1 and I really enjoyed it! Unfortunately, I can't find a second season even though when I looked up when season 2 would be coming out, it said the second season had came out in December. Was this a mistake? If so can someone please tell me when it will actually be coming out and where to watch it because I read in a different article that Viki won't be showing it. I don't know of that's true either though because I couldn't really find any definitive information. If this wasn't a mistake, and it did come out in December, then can someone kindly point me where I can watch the rest of season 2 please?

~Thank you for looking over all my questions!



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  • Hi there,

    Thank you for your interest in watching on Viki.

    If you'd like to request Dramaworld season 2 or any other specific video titles, please fill out our Title Request Form, which you can find here.

    We work really hard to license the shows that we get requests for but do know that this is a difficult process and it might not always be possible. To learn more about our licensing process, check out this blog post written by our CEO.

    Additionally, if you would like to discuss more about Dramaworld, you may want to head over to Viki Discussions and engage with our community too :)


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