Change language settings in Viki App


It would be great the have the option to choose between system language and another (basic) language in the app. Easiest would be to only make a difference between system language and English.

Another idea would be to just use the preferred language to display the show's title.



Currently the app uses the system language even if the preferred language set on another language (for me that's English), because the preferred language only applies to the subtitles. A few years ago the app was only available in English and of course I think it is an improvement for a lot fans to be able to use Viki in their native language, but actually the translation in my language (even though it is one of the 9 main languages available on Viki) is not very good. The translated titles are very cringy and most of the buttons like "following" eg. are also weird (although I see some improvement).

What I mean is a simple drop down menu - "Language Setting - System Language OR English"

I don't think it is that difficult to add this in the setting as the English-Version app is available.That would be better than changing the whole smartphone's system language to English just for Viki.


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