Filter Shows by Network on Explore Page

What: Add in a filter for TV network (ie SBS, KBS, tvN, MBC etc) on the Explore page for dramas

Why: Seasoned and new drama fans alike can recognize the signature aspects shows on different TV networks even if these networks broadcast a variety of content. For instance, OCN shows generally have a darker quality than the shows on other networks. Adding in a filter for networks will help drama fans find content that aligns well with the "vibe" that they're looking for. It's a bit obscure; however, this filter will be helpful as tvN rom coms have a particular quirky vibe that KBS rom coms don't have. Conversely, KBS shows rom coms have their own vibe. This filter would fill the gap felt by the genre category and help drama fans find content that aligns more with what they're looking for. I, for one, love tvN and MBC shows, and would love to be able to easily search for more tvN content. I only have the knowledge to propose this from the stand-point of a K-drama fan, but I assume the same would be helpful for other Asian dramas. 

Where: On the Explore page as a filter with the other filters




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