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Before when I clicked on a show, I would get the most recent episodes and I could tell right away whether the subtitles were done.  Now, the most recent episodes require multiple clicks to navigate to the most recent show just to see whether the subtitles are done. Is there an option to display the most recent episodes first?  And what happened to my watch history?  Someone is making changes that make it more frustrating to view the shows.



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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in to us.

    For episode listing on our website, they are sorted from the first to last episode. If you would like to continue where you were watching from, you may click the episode from your 'Continue Watching' section instead. 

    As for Watch History, it is no longer available. Instead, you may view your watched shows on 'Continue Watching' section too.

    For more details on Continue Watching, please refer to this article.

    Hope this helps!


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