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I had entered my credit card information a few days ago and had a processing error.  I am in the United States and am concerned about  my information being stolen since there was an error.  I don't want to try again until I hear from you.  Also are there international fees and if so what are they?  I really enjoy Korean TV, all the US has is garbage.






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  • Hello,

    Thanks for writing in to us and I'm sorry to hear you're having issues subscribing to Viki Pass.

    A charge can be declined by the credit card's issuing bank at any time and can happen for a variety of reasons. For more details, please read this article first. 

    As your payment details are processed by a third party, your credit card details have not been compromised on Viki. However, if you do believe that your payment credentials have been stolen, please reach out to your bank to terminate your card.

    If your credit card is not a USA issued card, and/or the currency is not in USD, you may be charged a small ITF (International Transaction Fee) by your card company or banking institution, per transaction. You can contact your banking institution for more information about this charge.

    If you're still having issues, please provide the following so we may look into it:

    • How are you trying to subscribe? Via web on ? Or on the mobile app through iTunes/Google Play Store?
    • Was there an error message shown when you were trying to subscribe?
    • A screenshot/photo of the error message or page you see


    Remember not to include personal details (eg. email and billing information) for security purposes.

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