Question about the watch list and "bell" symbol..

I detest the new player! (for several reasons) But my question is regarding the "watch list" link shown on each show's 'home' page. Why does it only seem to work sometimes but not all the time? None of the shows I've clicked to add recently are showing up on my watch list, just the older ones I added. And what is that bell looking symbol beside the watch list link?? It's on some of my watch list pages and not others. SO confusing! 



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    Hi all,

    To clarify, the 'bell' icon is indeed for following On Air titles. More details can be found here.

    Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding following titles on connected TV apps.

    Please click here to visit Viki Ideas to submit a suggestion for this feature request.

    If you’d like to see any other ideas implemented, please upvote the idea! The more upvotes an idea has, the more likely it will be prioritized.

    We're always looking for ways to improve the community's experience, and your feedback goes a long way in educating us on what you need, and what you'd like to see. 


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  • The bell is new old "follow" I think. But it's only for currently airing shows. I now have the problem that I can't follow other shows anymore and since the FireTV app doesn't have a watch list I need to follow a series. So I don't really have the option to look for shows and and them to my followed list on my computer anymore.

    I liked the old design more too but maybe the old "follow" button gets added too, let's see.

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  • The watch list and the history is gone, what is going on with this site???????

    And its almost time for me to pay again...

    What is going on

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