Original Chinese Subtitles on AppleTV

This hasn't been solved. On the first post branded as [solved] regarding this issue is in fact not solved; the reply's instructions as follows don't work:

"You may change your subtitle language on Apple TV to Chinese with these steps:

  1. While on the video you are watching, slide down the touch feature on your remote to bring down the subtitle menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Slide left or right to choose your preferred subtitle language or turn off the subtitles.

You might also notice that some Chinese shows (eg. Sword of Legends) have Chinese hard subs embedded on the video itself, which you may then refer to it by toggling subtitles off."

Only choice available was English. This is truly a dis-service to the original languages for which shows are produced in. We really appreciate the hard work of subtitle teams, but shows should be also available in their original language, too.



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  • Hi there,

    We don't actually translate or subtitle content ourselves; instead, our passionate volunteer community (people like you!) subtitle content on Viki. You can learn more about our volunteer community here.

    Thus, when subtitles for a video don’t appear or are incomplete, the community has not finished with the subtitling yet. 

    You can check a video if it has been completely subtitled by referring to the subtitle completion percentage at the bottom of the video thumbnail. 

    If you wish to request subtitles for a particular show, you can also fill out this form and we'll do our best to make it happen.

    Also, as quoted in your post, certain Chinese shows such as Swords of Legends already have hard subtitles embeded in the video itself. For these shows, you may toggle subtitles off to see the Chinese hard subs.


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