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: I watched “I am not a Robot” drama a few weeks ago and reviewed it. I since paid for a Viki Pass basic because i was tired of the ads and wanted to support this app. Now it saying this drama is Viki Pass Plus only??? Are ya’ll scamming? It’s weird, are you all trying to up-sale people. This has happened more than once over the last day, I begin a show all episodes available, then I leave and come back and it says Viki Pass Plus. I hope this is because of the technical glitch you all are having.


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    Hi all,

    We've recently made changes to our content lineup. Starting on August 6th, 2020, Kocowa content will require a Viki Pass Plus subscription to access. 

    We made an attempt at contacting users who were currently watching these titles over email to let them know about the imminent change, however, after doing an investigation, we found that due to a glitch in our system, our emails did not get to you. We sincerely apologize for this error and are working hard to ensure this does not occur in the future.

    Hope this helps to clarify the situation.

    We would not want to lose you from our Viki community but if you would still like to cancel your subscription, you may refer to this article for more help.

    Thank you,

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  • I hope the people who can fix the problem views this post chain and correct the issue. I’m happy to support with my money but I’m not going to upgrade at all because I feel like I’ve been cheated. These shows were free to watch with ads and now since paying i’m being asked to pay even more a week later to watch the same exact shows that were free to begin with. UPDATE: I’m going to cancel my membership- I want a refund! You have deceptive business practices - shame!

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  • I noticed that as well this spring and commented about it. The response I received is that due to licenses for each show/movie expiring they either go away or renew in a different license level. I don’t know how entirely accurate that is but I do accept that some go away depending on the cost vs views revenue. I requested that they put up notices on the shows that may change because of content licenses. A simple, “Content licensing may change on your current shows”, and then give a date they may change. I think a major streaming service gives a few days notice.

    On July 19 there was a comment about “Content Licensing Updates” that changes would happen on July 31. I don’t think that the show you mentioned was in the list so that doesn’t help you unless it was added to the group of shows/movies that changed licensing and it was added to the list.

    Sorry this doesn’t help much, but maybe a little more information to their ways.

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  • I want canccl ,

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  • I want cansel my membership.

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