This is ridiculous

So many shows that I watched are shutdown I can't watch them even if I wanted to. I am not  a paying customer but I watched so many adds and at least ten shows that used to be free have gone to standard and plus. Just a word of advice Viki you get a few days to change this madness because other wise all of us are leaving and you won't make any money of of adds.                            Shows that switched from free to standard or pass:                        

          The last Empress

.           My love from another star*

.          While to were sleeping *

.           Blood

.            Fight for my way

.          Pinnochio*

.           Angels Last mission: Love


.           School 2017

.          Who are you 2015*

.         School 2013

.         I hear your voice

          Doctor Stranger*

.     and so many more that I don't even know about

all the starred shows are essential to new k drama members.

just remember viki everyones leaving and you won't even get money from adds anymore so stop pushing your luck.

P.S Was it just me or for the free people the amount of adds were increasing in the past month?



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    Hi there,

    We've recently made changes to our content lineup. Starting on August 6th, 2020, the Kocowa catalog of shows as well as selected Viki shows will require either a Viki Pass Standard or Plus subscription to access. 

    We attempted to contact users who were currently watching these shows over email to let them know about the change, however, we discovered that our email did not reach you due to a glitch in our system. We sincerely apologize for this error and are working hard to ensure this does not occur again.

    For more information on the shows that now require Viki Pass Standard and Viki Pass Plus, please click here.

    We hope this helps to clarify the situation.

    Thank you,
    The Viki Team

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  • Unfortunately I'd say submit a report. A lot of people are unfortunately having this issue, the frustrating thing though is Viki does not seem to be acknowledging the issue. As far as ads go. Unfortunately that's what happens when you watch free. A standard pass will give you no ads. When you don't pay unfortunately Viki has to get the money from somewhere to let you watch free and keep their website running, so they turn to ads. It sucks, but paying for standard pass will be the only way you will be ad free.

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  • See: "Way too many Standard pass titles suddenly migrated to Pass Plus only. Please update!" and up vote it.

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