[Closed] Subscription benefits dissapared after upgrading my viki pass standard to plus

I updated my Viki pass standard to plus in order to access the kdrama "once again" but after updating to plus, I got a confirmation email that my first charge will occur on August 9 but my benefits is nowhere to be found including my viki pass standards that ends on Auguts 14th 2020. It just shows "No subscription" and tells me to get a viki pass. 

Have tried all the recommendation in this link

I tried restoring benefit and I got this message "Your subscription cannot be changed as it does not match your Google Play account or Viki account. Please try again with your other Viki or Google account". I don't have another viki account but I tried opening another account with my other emails as recommended and still, my subscription is not appearing there.

Please Viki, I don't know what to do, I need to access my viki pass standard and the recently updated Plus.




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    Hi mzmariam & rapunzzeeellll ,

    There is an issue with Google Play subscriptions being reflected correctly and our engineers are currently working on a fix.

    We have replied to your tickets via the Help Center with more details on how to access your benefits in the meantime. Apologies for the inconvenience!

    Hi jveralene2_390 ,

    It seems that you are logged into the wrong account that does not have your subscription. 

    We have replied to your ticket via the Help Center, with more details of your correct subscription account. Hope that clarifies!


    Should you have any other questions/concerns, please help to respond on your respective tickets as this post will be closed to prevent multiple requests confusion.

    Thank you,

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  • Same thing happened to me!!! I opened a ticket and no one has responded back to me. I just want to watch my shows, with full access, ad free, like I paid for.

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  • Same! It happened last night and for the first time in a while, am off today. I have all day to watch dramas and here is Viki messing up. I am actually regretting the fact that I tried to upgrade to plus. I should have make do with my standard, and atleast I will be able to watch something without ads. Have also opened a ticket since last night!

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  • They have been taking money out of my account every month now and I am having problems watching my movies, it tells me I have renew but they are constantly taking my money and when i do see it , it has commercials inwhich I paid not to have commercials. I am so tired of viki, I want Dramafever back!!! Fix it or refund all my money back please. Been sending help center messages since May and no response. 


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