[Closed] Timed comments complaining about missing subs

Is there any way to report users who abuse the timed comments feature to whine about missing translations, or at the very least get those timed comments removed?

There's one guy who leaves about 5 or 6 messages on every episode of 三十而已 (Nothing but 30) complaining that there's no subtitles. Except he's doing it on episodes that are only just broadcast in China and less than a week old, so obviously before the translation team even have a chance to do their thing.

Even in the first week after release, that's annoying, but these garbage comments are going to be there forever, constantly annoying everyone. I've seen it before on other shows, when I watch much after they're shown and they're 100% translated. But this time, it's incredibly annoying as this guy has really ratcheted up the amount he's doing it... around every 5-10 minutes he pipes up. I've even seen this on several episodes that were clearly labelled 0% EN when I was watching them, although I got busy and dropped back a couple of episodes - and now they're already at close to 100% within about 10 days of release and his comments are still all there!



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  • Hi there,

    Do take note of the following and follow the steps here to report a Timed Comment:

    • The username of the user that posted the timed comment
    • The show title and episode number
    • The timestamp on the video where that timed comment appears
    • The content of timed comment 

    While the Viki team works to moderate timed comments manually, we are also working on improving the moderation process. I want to assure you that the team is continuously working to better the feature, including managing abuse.

    Thank you for your understanding and assistance while we work to improve the viewer experience on Viki.


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