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It seems that every show I play that is Kocowa content is extremely slow and lags every few seconds. It takes twice as long to get through an episode because it keeps stopping all the time.  This isn't happening with other shows on the site. Anyone else experiencing this?  I switched browers from Chrome to Firefox and it was marginially better.



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  • Hi there,

    You can try to clear your browser's cache/cookies or follow the troubleshooting steps listed here to see if it helps with your issue. 

    Alternatively, we’d like to suggest that you change your Video Playback settings to Medium or Low:

    1. Clear cookies and cache on your browser
    2. Login to on your web browser
    3. Go to your Subscription & Settings
    4. Under General Settings > Playback, select Low / Medium quality.

    If the above troubleshooting steps do not help - we’re sorry that because these titles are from external servers, we are not able to fix this issue directly. However, please rest assured that our multimedia team is working hard to make all possible improvements on this.

    Thank you for your understanding!


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