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I'm unable to submit a review for a show I'm currently watching. I'm watching I-Land and I'm up to date on the episodes (just waiting for episode 6 to be finished with subtitles). I tried searching for an answer and the only thing I found was another Viki user with the same issue and a tech specialist reached out to them privately (which is a little frustrating because that doesn't solve the problem for the rest of us). I've attached a picture of the review I was trying to submit. It's a little long, but that's it. No swearing, insults, etc.



  • I tried again and the review went through? I don't know what went wrong, but if someone could still reach out to me and explain what might have happened I would appreciate it.

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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in to us with your review issue.

    That might be a temporary connection or browser issue, so I'm glad you were able to submit your review eventually.

    If this error occurs again, feel free to write back to us and we're assist to look further into it.


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