how to get to the list of episodes on Roku

I installed Viki on my Roku TV and I see the show listing but can't find a way to see all the episodes for any of the show.  For every show it starts with episode 1 (or where I left off) and do autoplay to the next episode  when the current episode finishes but I can't find a way to see all the episode for the show so I can go back to previous episode to re-watch or jump ahead to future episodes.  I don't have that issue with Viki on my iphone or firestick but had been tried every buttons on the Roku remote and still haven't find a way,  Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



  • Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in to us with your issue.

    Do you mean that you are unable to see your episode list such as the following shown on the website?

    If yes, could you help to provide:

    • Which Roku device and model number are you using? (Go to the Roku homepage > Settings > System > About)
    • The version and build of your Viki Channel (Go to the Roku homepage > Scroll over to the Viki Channel > Press * to see the Version and Build)
    • A photo of a show's page that does not show all the episode listing


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  • For roku ultra, how can you get the view of episodes for a given show without having to exit, go to search, then enter the show I was watching.  Would like to be able to move between episodes without having to do a search.  please help.

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  • Hi kathyoshinomi_70

    I'm afraid that toggling episodes on the Roku video player is not available yet. 

    If you have the time, please click here to visit Viki Ideas to submit a suggestion or feature request for that.

    Viki Ideas is a space which allows our users to suggest new features they want to see on Viki. 

    If you’d like to see other ideas implemented, please upvote the idea! The more upvotes an idea has, the more likely it will be prioritized.

    We're always looking for ways to improve the community's experience on our site, and your feedback goes a long way in educating us on what you need, and what you'd like to see.


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