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On Youtube and on Vimeo it's possible to link to a specific time in the video adding a query parameter "t", that is equivalent to the number of seconds since the start of the video. E.g.

I'm using Viki to learn a new language, and when learning a new word, I like to find examples of that word used in context in shows that I've already seen, as that makes it much quicker to learn.

I've written a bunch of scripts that let me download subtitles for all the shows that I watch, and then search for a specific word in the subtitles of the shows. I get a list of sentences where the word appears, and can then search for the exact phrase that I want to see an example of. From there I get a link to the video, and the timestamp at which that phrase occurred.

I can then open the show and move the playhead to the correct time. This part is pretty fiddly!

It would be incredibly useful to be able to open the video at the correct time marker, rather than having to manually move the play head.

This would probably be most useful on rather than on the mobile apps, though others might find it useful to share their favorite scenes also on mobile.



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  • I need exactly the same. How disheartening that no one responded. :( 

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