Why can't I continue to watch what I have been watching?

I recently paid for my subscription with viki, and after watching 32 episodes of a 40 episode show, now I can't keep watching cause you want me to upgrade to Viki Plus??  Is it your way of getting somebody hooked on a show and then won't be able to watch it to the end unless they pay more?

Please, I would like a clarification before I cancel all together.


Thank you. 




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  • Hello,

    Viki Pass Plus exclusives will be made available to everyone at a later date. The date differs based on their licensing terms and it's usually a set period after each episode was aired.

    You can check if and when you'll be able to watch the episode without Viki Pass Plus​​ by clicking on the "?" icon on the corner of the video thumbnail.

    If you do not see a time range stated, it means that the episode would not be available to everyone that quickly and you can check back in a few month's time.

    Hope this helps to clarify!


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