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Is there any way I can choose Timed Comments only in English? Also, why is it that sometimes the timed comments are not synched with the episode I am watching? I have to exit the episode and reload it and sometimes the comments get synched



  • Hi there,

    As Timed Comment are posted by users, it may be in a variety of languages and may not necessarily be related to what is shown on the video at that point. 

    If you prefer not to see those comments, they may be switched off at any time with the steps here.

    While the Viki team works to moderate timed comments manually, we are also working on improving the moderation process. I want to assure you that the team is continuously working to better the feature, including managing abuse.

    When you notice a spoiler being posted, do take note of the following and follow the steps here to report it:

    • The username of the user that posted the timed comment
    • The timestamp on the video where that timed comment appears
    • The content of timed comment 

    Thank you for your understanding and assistance while we work to improve the viewer experience on Viki.


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  • Hi Michelle,


    Is there any way to see all the timed comments NOT timed?  Like just read all the comments AFTER viewing the episode as though viewing comments under a YouTube video or something? I love reading the comments so much but it can be very distracting to have them on while watching and also there is a risk of spoilers...but I would love the option to read through all the comments after the episode.  

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  • Hi bkhappyfriday_219,

    You may want to read our user reviews and comments on our website instead :)

    Simply go to a show's page on your web browser and click on the 'Reviews & Comments' tab. 

    Hope this helps!


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