[Solved] Empress Ki episodes 3-51

Empress Ki was broadcast 2013-2014. 

This is an older show.

Why is it only available on Viki Pass PLUS?

I've been a loyal subscriber for over 6 years.

As a now "standard" subscriber, episodes 3-51 are locked, and only for PLUS.

It doesn't seem right to restrict an older show to PLUS, as the episodes will never be available otherwise.

When will episodes 3-51 be available to Standard Subscribers?  Will it ever be available?



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  • Hello,

    Viki Pass Plus exclusives will be made available to everyone at a later date. The date differs based on their licensing terms. 

    You can check if and when you'll be able to watch the show without Viki Pass Plus​​ by clicking on the "?" icon on the corner of the video thumbnail.

    If you do not see a time range stated, it means that the show would not be available to everyone that quickly and you can check back in a few month's time.

    Alternatively, as Empress Ki has 'First Look’, it means that the video will be available, free of access, for the first 24 hours after the episode broadcast in its country of origin. You may choose to watch it then :)

    Hope this helps for now. 


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