[Closed] Frequent buffering and video failed to load

I have tried rebooting, clearing cache/cookies, logging out and back in too many times. I use firestick. I get tired of watching movies on my computer instead of my TV. I am a paid member, but I can't enjoy the programs. I do not have any problems with Netflix. 



  • I have been trying to watch several dramas to see if the problem was with my laptop,

    but all I get is the episode stalled with an arrow, and when I click to start, the never-ending

    circle keeps on turning. Initially it was all Chinese dramas, now it is also happening with

    the Korean dramas.  This problem has been going on now for several days.

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  • Hi jcaring4u_632 -

    • Please delete and reinstall the app first before trying again.
    • If the issue still persists, please let us know if you notice that this issue occurs when you fast forward/rewind the videos or right at the start of playing the video?  

    Hi ann_292 -

    • Please clear your browser cache/cookies and restart it before trying again
    • Please also check your browser extensions and try disabling each one to see if it's causing the block. You might also want to try loading the affected videos on another browser type (eg. Firefox/Chrome/Edge)
    • If the issue still persists, please provide us with information of the affected episodes, your browser version, and a screenshot of your browser extensions.

    Thanks both!


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