[Solved] Subtitles out of sync: Birth of a Beauty

Episodes 15-21, the subtitles are delayed. I’ve had many issues with my Viki subscription account.


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    Hi both,

    There were some technical issues with the Birth of the Beauty videos that also affected subtitles. However, they have been adjusted and should be in sync now.

    Do note that you may still see missing subtitles in certain parts of some videos as they might not have been subtitled finished. We appreciate your patience while our community volunteers are working on completing them.

    You can check a video if it has been completely subtitled by referring to the subtitle completion percentage at the bottom of the video thumbnail. 

    If you notice that the subtitle completion percentage is 100% but you're still seeing missing/out of sync subtitles, do let us know the exact episode and timestamp (eg. "Her Private Life" Ep 3 at 35:05) and we'll look into it.

    Hope this helps to clarify! 


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  • I have been experiencing the exact same issue with Birth of a Beauty since Monday (6-15-2020) and it began with Episode 9. Continued issue which has not been fixed. I am also a Viki Plus Subscriber and tried reset on several devices with no change in subtitles being out of sync. 

    I made a similar post here with no response yet. 

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  • I was able to watch Birth of a Beauty starting from episode 10 with no issues.
    Thank you for fixing the issue!

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