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I have been raising this issue for over a year, with zero effort from Viki to fix it.  The Learn mode subtitles are out of sync for the majority of the shows that are on the site.

My question is, if the issue is not fixed, why did you guys close the forum posts that talk about this issue?  Don't you guys only close the post when the issue is actually fixed/at least looked into?  Could you not close the forum post until you guys try to actually look at the problem and try to fix it?

Thank you!



  • Hi smilytony_615,

    We unable to provide an estimated date for the Learn Mode sync fix as there are other issues that the team is currently prioritizing. Rest assured that this remains an important issue we will address in the future.

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter and as there are duplicate posts about this issue, we have closed them. However, there is still a post left on-hold (which you have also previously commented on) where we will provide updates if any. Feel free to follow that post to get notified of the updates.

    Hope this clarifies.


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  • Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue on many shows (My love from the Stars being the latest one that I tried that had the issue). Learn mode is something that makes Viki really unique, it's so sad that it can't be used on so many of the titles. 

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