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Is it possible to see my entire watch history? Currently I’m only able to see shows up to March 20, but I know I’ve seen more shows before that. Any help would be appreciated!


  • My watch history page shows 100 entries of episodes in total (ie 10 pages with 10 entries) so I guess there is a cap of 100 per user.

    You can see more shows that you have watched going years back in the "continue watching" list as it does not show all the individual episodes.

    Mine goes back to 2018, so my guess is that the feature was implemented at that time.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Lately, RakutenViki site is a total mess and the CEO is a NO SHOW in all this, the beta player has so many issues; now the INBOX is a complete junk but no one is doing anything to fix the issue. 


    Viki staff are absent from everything you request help and get no where mariliam keeps up with the excuse of the pandemia although things have calmed down and things should be going back to normal already.


    Maybe if they were not so busy being part of a bully group here at viki they would be able to take care of the issues that are affecting this wonderful site. I don't know if no one is communicating with the CEO I hope he investigate how viki staff are allowing bullying at this site and are not correcting the technical problems and the endless ''bugs'' this site is going through. 


    Is time they correct all this issues bc paying subscribers deserve better service and if the staff is not doing the JOB they have to do, is time to get a new staff in their place that will help resolve all this problems. THANK YOU for the attention. I HOPE this gets to the right person and mariliam don't keep blocking my comments/complains and request for help. What kind of staff working here we have here now?

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  • You do realize that changes at that scale takes time, changing the inbox function (or any other feature) for all users affecting everyone is not something you "just" fix as on a coffee break and deploy live, it usually goes through a process where bugs are reported in, tagged high or low priority and put in a backlog, a backlog can have 200+ tickets in it where you assign those tickets to the developers to fix and work on or dropped.. they have a meeting probably every day/week (now maybe remote) where they take a few tickets depending on the urgency of stakeholders (and how much work hours they think it needs to be changed) it can be (new features or bug fixes), and depending on the feature they may have to be tested by testers (for new bugs) and or rolled out to a % of users and if they report back issues it goes through the flow again.

    As far as the pandemic is concerned, its still ongoing everywhere, where have you gotten the idea its "back to normal" last I read it will take years for the world to settle this, (I live in sweden and even though life goes on we here have certainly not gone "back to normal" yolo~ing around).

    Anycase been using viki for so many years now and yeah there have been a bug here and there when stuff has changed, the overall experience has been going the right direction is my two cents on the matter, but then again I don't use all the features around so dont know where the stuff you are talking about is messing up your user experience.

    Its good to give feedback on stuff you think is lacking especially since you've been around for quite some time on the forum side of viki, but constructive feedback will always go further than venting anger on staff, just list the stuff so it gets into the backlog and hope it gets picket up. :)

    • I have a issue with x in the inbox view I can no longer see y which was my favorite thing that i used all the time.
    • when I click on 3 subtitle languages in a row it shows me startrek klingon subtitles and everyone in the show im watching beams off to space, is this by design or have I found a bug?
    • etc...

    Best regards LK


    ps. as this was way off-topic from bunny's original question hope my first post was sufficient :)


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  • I delete shows that I've finished from my continue watching so sadly that won't work :( thank you for the suggestion though! Hopefully I'll just stumble across the shows I've seen and remember them

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