[Closed] Viki app on Amazon Fire Tv Stick has many issues

I've been fighting with Viki App on Amazon Fire Tv stick since the summer of 2018. Before that, it worked fine from 2014 through early 2018. I purchased 2 newer updated versions of the Amazon Fire Tv stick - one in my old tv and one in my new tv. With both Fire Tv Sticks, the app plays fine as long as I'm not signed in (but I'm stuck with commercials). When I sign in, is when episodes freeze and can't reload, or if its not freezing them the episodes will have only audio with a jumbled picture.picture.

I spent the entire remainder of 2018 going back and forth with customer service who were no help (that's a whole other story of them taking a month or more to get back with me only to ask me questions that I provided in detail already in the first email (what type of device; what speed internet, etc.). I finally got fed up and cancelled my Viki subscription and went a year watching illegit web sites. Here it is 2020 and I thought "surely they've fixed this by now". Nope.

Anyone else having these problems on a FireTv Stick and have you got a solution?



  • I've been watching Viki on a firetv stick for about 16 months and I've never had the problems you described. Mine will stop playing but it's just because my internet is sometimes terrible. It sounds like it started when you got the new model - my stick is a 4k, what's yours? 

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  • Hi valeah. Thanks for responding. I have whatever the latest generation of Firestick is (I just bought them two months ago). But no, the problems started with my original Firestick. After working fine from 2014 through 2018, I began having the problems with the first one. So when I bought the new ones, I thought there would be no new problems (plus I assumed Viki would have fixed the app by now).. And the fact that ONLY the Viki app has these problems on ALL THREE Firestick s tells me it's Viki's app and not the Firesticks.

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  • Ohhh okay. When you say the episode freezes and you can't reload, is it because the whole app is freezing or is it an issue with the streaming? I know you're having problems with just this app, but maybe it's because it's requiring more power or connectivity than your other apps, rather than a software problem (since we know the app works for other people). For the record I'm not a tech person so some of this is guessing and some is based on my experience with the firetv stick.

    So first, for power, make sure you're powering the fire tv stick directly from an outlet and NOT another power source (like the TV itself). Inadequate power can cause a lot of different glitches. 

    If that doesn't help, it could be a connectivity problem. Try resetting your modem when you encounter a problem, to at least check if that's what the issue is. If you think it's a connectivity thing, try turning off data monitoring (under preferences in the settings menu) or maybe installing a VPN app (you'll have to google around for a good one because I don't have a rec). 

    Good luck! 

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