[Closed] Video Failed To Load

I have been having this issue since last update to Fire Stick. I logged out, uninstalled and reinstalled. Having this problem with all videos new and old. Especially if I try to fast forward it rewind.


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    Hi both,

    Our teams are aware of the rewinding/forwarding issue on the new Fire TV version and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

    As there is another post on this, please follow here for updates when the issue is fixed. We will be closing this thread.

    Meanwhile, we suggest watching via your web browser or on any of our other supported apps


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  • also having this exact same issue/error. Very annoying. Please fix asap! I have tried to go to the spot i want on my phone app and then turn on the episode in the firestick app but it doesnt start playing from the point that was playing on the phone.

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