Make new player configurable

1. A junior frontend Dev from India can make the player configurable in 2 hours. It's just a bunch of CSS and a local cookie (or if you want to be fancy new table in the db, or even a column, saving pref so persists per user account).

If I wasn't lazy I would have written a userscript and used it now, and likely eventually will, as going back 1000s and months of ignored user comments, you haven't addressed a single concern, and player remains the same.


2. The timed comments are MASSIVE. You are not scaling it correctly, even on 65" tv 6 meters away looks too big, the text, the box, the boldness. Let people customise size of the box and text / boldness. Make default more sensible too.


3. Let people customise menu bar - currently too big covers 1/4 of the video, let people choose level of transparency, choose colour, and size. I I can't comprehend how anyone think a massive menu bar which is rarely used is acceptable, it covers most of the video. it should be transparent bg and tiny. But ofc let people choose what they want, so customisation, yada yada.


4. Don't automatically show menu bar unless mouse pointer moves over to the bottom. We are watching foreign content, reading subs. Obviously people pause/play and go back/forward using keyboard keys a lot. It's annoying when such a massive menu bar pops up covering all of the screen nonstop. Let people choose, a simple toggle if they want this or not. Again, takes 30min to implement, QA and release it.


5. Don't hide the menu at the very end of the video. People might want to go back in the video, or press skip or pause or whatever. Hiding it and presenting next or whatever it is I forgot already cus now I rush to press SKIP before you hide the menu. It is not a feature, it's pretty much a bug. Because it adds 0 benefit to the user.


You should listen to your customers. There are plenty of free websites, and some even offer 1080p no-ad ant country-uncensored VIKI streams. Legal? No. And hence why people are trying to support you here. But once you start doing such nonsense and ignoring everyone's suggestions, you will force them to do this. You should stop trying to fix what's not broken. And if you do, implement my suggestions - you have no excuse not to, because I am suggesting making all of those things customisable for a user as they want. It's basic css, and maybe extra db table/column if you want to persist preferences rather than save it in cookies.




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