[Closed] How to access episode comments?

Before the new video player kicked in Viki website, each episode of each show had its own disqus comment section - now it's gone!!!!! Please, I need it back!! It's funny I still get notifications for old comments I had made in episodes, but now I can't access the old episode pages, with their comments at the bottom of the video!!

How to switch back to the old player??? Or how to access comments in each episode now on the New Video Player??

Note: I'm not referring to the Timed comments that are appearing on the video, but the general Disqus comment section bellow each episode video!



  • Hi there estelll!

    Thanks for writing in! You can access the Channel page by clicking on the Channel Title on the video player. I've attached a screenshot below :) 

    I'm afraid that there is no way to switch to the old video player at the moment. However, we thank you for your feedback.

    If there's anything else I can help with, please let me know.


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  • Estelll,

    I completely agree with you! I miss the disqus comments on each episode. Clearly there are people somewhere in the world who can still see them because I too get notifications from people liking things I've previously commented. The timed comments are terrible, that isn't what we want, it is access to the disqus comments section. Too bad the guy who answered you only directed you to something you weren't looking for. 

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  • Hi there rscott_573

    Thank you so much for writing and for clarifying what Estelll meant. I sincerely apologise for misunderstanding the original question. 

    To clarify, with the new video player, we no longer have episode-level comments. However, we greatly appreciate your feedback and we've escalated this our product team. 

    Thank you once again estelll and rscott_573 for sharing this with us. 



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