[Solved] Suspect violation of my VIVI Plus Membership

I don't chit-chat on FaceBook or any social media. I have watched Korean Dramas for 12 years.   I have never opened & read through any messages from Viki Community.  Would rather spend my time watching movie episodes on my Apple TV.   For the last 2 days my movie episodes have been interrupted by ads.  Episodes don't resume, keep track of watched (lately showed episodes not viewed as watched), and connection with VIKI Rokuten has been disconnected when I try again to watch.  TV either disconnects or wants me to type in some numbers to reconnect.  I checked on computer VIKI suggestions before I did anything. Suggestions included download New Viki App at iTunes App Store.  Surprise! New VIKI App NOT found in iTunes App Store! Glad I didn't delete it first   And on computer Viki is extremely slow although everything else works fast.  So I decided to check out the community posts and found that all messages have been read (not by me!)  I suspect my neighbors (who have tried to watch my connection to VIKI a few times in the past), the electrical crew working around here for a week, and desperately would like to Talk with someone from VIKI.  I am not a fast typer or technically skilled so when I try to live chat on Apple computer, I get disconnected unless I first request their patience because I am very slow processing my thoughts and typing them.  Help?????



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  • Hi

    Thanks for writing in to us.

    As you suspect that your account has been accessed by someone else, we have terminated all your active sessions on Viki.

    Please follow the following steps to reset your password before logging back in:

    1. Go to
    2. Enter the email address you used to register
    3. You will receive an email with further instructions. Follow the steps and update your password. Make sure to check your Spam folder if you don't see the email in your Inbox.
    4. Login via Email and your new Password. (Refer to this if you need helping logging in)

    Hope this helps and do let us know if you need any further assistance.


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