[On-hold] The New setup UI issues

Note, here are some things I saw on the new setup while watching my favorite show that were issues and i'm not here to bash on it. Just know that I didn't test this on other shows or on the phone app so experience may vary. These are all the issues with the UI.

  1. What I noticed is that you don't know what episode you're on given there's no title anywhere(although its on the web address, there's another issue i'll talk about next), it'd be great to put it next to the volume icon below so that its easier to see in case you're scrolling through the episode list.
  2. Looking at the episode list is very buggy, the sections and episodes inside are not accurate and the search bar only works per section and not the whole list therefore if you're looking for an episode but on the wrong section you won't be able to find it. Also when you look at the episode list it doesn't immediately put the episode you're on as the first episode of the list. This makes the whole thing confusing to look at.
  3. There's no previous episode icon to use in case you want to go back.

That's all, overall it is a better quality than before and the experience is very enjoyable from the viewers perspective.



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  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for the detailed suggestion and feedback!

    We have noted what you have said for Point 1 & 3 and your feedback goes a long way in educating us on what you need, and what you'd like to see.

    As for Point 2, our engineers are currently looking into it as that should not be the normal behaviour. However, we are noticing that this issue occurs for Running Man only so other titles should work fine.

    We will keep you posted once there are any updates on the issue.


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