Update Review Section and Monitor Reviews more

I know people have said this many times but it needs to be said again. People are misusing the review section. People are  deliberately rating shows 1 star even before it has even aired. They haven't even seen an episode yet they are putting 1 star. People are deliberately using the review section and giving a show 1 star not because of the plot of the show or the story in the show but because the subtitles are not available or not available in their language. Shows are going down all the way to 8 point something simply because people are misusing the review section. That is misrepresenting a tv shows and that is unfair to the tv show, and to the people who made the tv show. There are shows that are actually really good but because people are misusing the review section they are getting low ratings. You want to look at the overall rating of a show and know that it is an actually reflection of the show it self.

Low ratings actually discourages people from watching shows and that is not good for Viki at all. Some people take the Viki rating seriously. They see it as a direct reflection on the show, they see it as fans not liking the show, they see it as the plot not being good but most of the time the rating is low because people are misusing the review section. It is also not a good look for Viki to have many shows that are On Air that have low ratings just because of people giving low ratings because of subtitles.

Viki you need to listen to the many people who have said this multiple times before. You need to look after the review properly.

I propose these Ideas even though they have been said before:

1) Close the review section until the first episode has aired or has been put. So not allowing people to place a review before an episode has aired on Viki

If the first option can not be done then the second option should at least be done.

2) Specifically put a Flag option for Misuse of Review Section and have people actively looking after the review section and removing reviews that have nothing to do with the show.

People keep on misusing the review section because they know that no one is going to do anything about it. Viki please listen to all the people saying this, let's make channels on Viki a better space.

Thank you




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