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I've added dramas to my Collections / Watch List but can not view this section on the Roku app. Would love to be able to find the dramas on the app vs having to check the website or my phone for what drama i want to watch next 



  • Hear, hear!  I spent quite a bit of time putting watchlists and collections together and it is extremely frustrating not to be able to access them to view on a larger screen 

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  • Roku app needs a lot of help in general.  It's hard to even see what show you're hovering over, for example.  There should be an outline or something around it, but it's a barely noticeable enlargement that tells you what show you're on.  Hate the navigation on it. 

    Also (not sure if they've fixed it) but it used to be that you couldn't pick up where you left off exactly.  There will be no indication of what episode you last watched so it makes picking up the next day rather difficult.  I have to try to remember what episode number I was on which is difficult when there are a ton of episodes!

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  • I am also having problems with this. I can see the following but not the watchlist. Is anyone able to fix this?

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  • I'm having same issue as original poster, nyhirah.

    I noticed I was missing a bunch of shows I had added to my "Following" list.

    When I accessed Viki through my Roku app on my TV (which is where I watch all Viki programming) only a couple of the selections I had made, online, were listed.

    It is easier to add shows to my "Following" list through Viki website, but I prefer actually watching them through my Roku app on older model Vizio TV.

    I hope these glitches can be fixed soon. It seems this problem has been going on for a while now, based on original posting dated back in Jan 2020, and I'm adding my own post on the same issue June 2021.

    Thank you.

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