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I am an america who ha fallen in love with the KBS dramas. After after watching KBS Korean dramas for about 2 years I'm starting to believe that in my heart I'm absolutely of Korean. The dramas are so sensitive well acted, written and directed with such high moral values that it doesn't even compare to the American film industry.  Korean Society the and the actors and actresses that perform in these dramas are absolutely wonderful. The sensitivity, the professionalism and the absolute detail to decorum is something that you don't find in American films. I'm so happy that I found the KBS drama series and I find that I'm spending the majority of my time watching the various episodes. When you watch descendants of the Sun, Goblin and the many other wonderful dramas that are being produced by KBS I am totally hooked. Thank you for providing these dramas to the American Market. I will continue to watch as a loyal viewer of the wonderful productions, directing, writing and professional acting that I have come to find so rewarding watching these dramas. Thank you so much, please keep it up.




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