In Roku Viki App, Add On-Air Tab like mobile or add Sort by On-Air or latest episode update

It’s difficult to quickly find the latest updated episode or find current on-air shows. Please add this filter on the Roku channel.


What features do you want? What does it do?

Title: Add "On-Air" and "Latest Episode Update" in Korean section under Select Sort Type

Need additional sort type in the Korean section. I know latest on-air is available under the Featured Home Page but that includes all countries which is not useful.


Why do you want this feature? How will it improve your experience?

When looking for latest episodes in the Korean section, I am unable to quickly find latest on-air episodes or latest updated episodes in general because there is no On-Air or Latest Uploaded Episode sorting rule (like on the mobile app.) At minimum, on-air filter would be helpful.


Where would this feature be located?

Roku Viki App (Korean section at minimum)




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