[On-hold] Out of sync subtitles for Learn Mode

These are the shows that have out of sync subtitles for learn mode (when you use learn mode, the Korean subtitles are slower than the English ones):

Kill Me Heal Me

My Strange Hero

My Love from the star

The Undateables

The subtitles are already there, but I can't use them because the Learn mode is out of sync.  Many of them are NEWLY out of sync, over the past few months.  

Please consider putting them back in sync.

Thank you



  • Also, every time I submit a help ticket for these issues, they say the issue is "resolved", even though nothing was fixed, so I decided to write on this forum to see if anything will be done.

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  • Hi there,

    Our teams are aware of the Learn Mode subtitle sync issue but they will need more time to work on fixing it.

    We're sorry for the inconvenience caused in the meantime and we greatly appreciate your patience.

    Hope this helps for now. 


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  • Also,

    Learn mode for "I am not a robot" has been newly out of sync, in the same style as the above titles.  All of them continue to be out sync.


    Thank you!

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  • Also, the learn mode for "She was pretty" also has the same out of sync problem in Learn Mode, same as the above series, all of which continue to have out of sync learn mode.


    Thank you,


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