Android TV watch next support

Today Viki only support 


But they totaly missing support for WATCH_NEXT_TYPE_NEW and WATCH_NEXT_TYPE_NEXT

  • WATCH_NEXT_TYPE_CONTINUE indicates that a user has started watching content.
  • WATCH_NEXT_TYPE_NEXT indicates that the content is the next part of a series, for example next TV show in a season.
  • WATCH_NEXT_TYPE_WATCHLIST means the user has manually added content to a ‘watchlist'. The system uses this type when adding to the Play Next row from the home screen.
  • WATCH_NEXT_TYPE_NEW means that the content is new. For example, a new season of a TV show that the user watches is released.

    Would be amazing if Viki did support the all stuff, say if a tv show have 2 seasong, and you have watch season 1 over, the seasong 2 should be added automatic to my watch next, same if a show air one epesiode per week, and you have watch it, and a new epesiode become released that epesiode should be automatic added to the watch next. 

    I dont understand why Viki only support 2 of 4 strings for the Watch Next. 



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