Hidde all titel with content is not available in your region

I dont understand why Viki show titel but with text like content is not available in your region, its become so mutch easer if you hidde that content? Why do we need to see content some we not can watch? its just make it alot harder to find content to watch when you also can see content you not can watch, if viki just hidde that titel its only show titel i can watch with goes alot faster to find content to watch, this apply so far i know only to phone, and for Android TV app, if am search the same content on my PC its dosent show up. 



  • Personally, I like being able to see that Viki has a title so I can put in the request to have it available in my region. Some that I’ve requested are now available to me. 

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  • Would in fact not be hard to add options to show/hidde it, for me i dont see any resonen have them hiddning when am want to watch something just now, and if in that case like you want to find something put is not hard to put in on. 

    But broswning on Android TV with remote controlls is alredy alot of clicking clicking its hard engout, on a PC or webben i dont have the same issues goes fast engout with a mouse, but on a Television is alot more pain to have them show up. 

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