Bot subtitles in General at Viki and what to do with them


Admitted subtitles for the volunteers are their pride and joy.

Equally, the current bot version might be the pride and joy of Rakuten Institute's techies, I won't deny that.

But there is unfortunately not enough room for volunteer subtitles and the bot subtitles in one segment. When bot lines are first it means more work for the volunteer editing instead of subbing.

So, here is a suggestion since our subtitles are our, the volunteers' subtitles, until the moment we save them in the segments. From that moment on they are Viki's subtitles.

So let's presume that Viki creates a language option for bot-French, bot-Spanish or whatever language you chose for bot translation parallel to the original language. Since editing this bot subtitles would last longer, and in addition either the bot is not quite there you want it to be yet, or the English subtitles weren't fully edited on the projects I looked at in cases like these translators would erase the sentences anyway and create a new one.

Now, since we don't have any idea how this bot is working at all, wouldn't it be the same then, if let's presume ones more, if techies would copy paste the subtitles from original French segments to the bot-French segments. You as Viki company could do that since the subtitles belong to you. We couldn't since the guidelines interdict us such actions.

French viewers who don't want to wait on "handmade" subtitles, could choose the bot subtitles via video language option ...

Is what I think, but we do not have that much information about the bot, why actually?

So ...

Question 1 - Would it technically be possible?

Question 2- If it were technically possible, could it be an option to compromise?

Question 3 - If it is not a possible option to compromise, could Viki offer  one volunteers can live with?


Of course we as volunteers don't know, but wouldn't exclude the option of a channel copy, or think that a documentary for starters would be better, since less emotional dialogues ...

An earnest reply would be welcomed


@ the other volunteers feel free to up- or down-vote this suggestion. Thank you!




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