[Solved] Dong-yi

Dong-Yi is titled as Jewel in the Palace and is missing eps 21-28 and 41-48



  • Hi there!

    Thanks for writing in. To clarify, Dong-Yi is also known as Jewel In The Crown. 

    For us to help better, could you please send us a screenshot of what you're seeing as missing episodes? 

    I'll look forward to hearing from you!


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  • I know of  no Korean drama titled Jewel in the is British when you search the title  There is a Kdrama titled Jewel in the Palace that is a completely different story than Dong-Yi.



    Here you can see the missing episodes when you scroll through all of them as listed in the Episodes Function.



    Also, I sent a discussion comment that was removed.  The content simply described how so many comments during the viewing of a drama was interrupted with so many complaints regarding the speed and availability of subtitles.  I suggested that perhaps it would be better to delay the drama until the subbers got ahead of the releases to avoid this problem or waiting until the drama was completely subbed so "bingers" could watch as many as they want.  Viki could list this category as "Coming Soon".  This was simply a suggestion to eliminate the constant requests for more rapid subbing or people explaining how the subbing works on Viki ad nauseum.  I do not know why it could not be published as it was not negative at all.  Your on line support dialogue was useless.  If my suggestion was not published, I would ask you why foul language is allowed in the timed comments and discussions?

    I have been a Viki premium subscriber for years and have enjoyed it  and not a trouble maker.


    Thank you for responding,

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  • Hi texasgal,

    Based on your 'Dong Yi' screenshot from MyDramaList, you can see that the drama is also known as 'Jewel in the Crown' and that is what it is listed as on Viki too. 

    As for the missing episodes, we're able to see the full list here so it could be a browser issue on your end. Would you mind trying this first to see if it helps?

    1. Log out from your account
    2. Clean the cache and cookies on your browser. How do I clear the cache and cookies on my web browser?
    3. Close the browser and restart it again.
    4. Log back into your Viki account
    5. Try again from another browser

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  • I figured out the problem with the missing episodes.  I was not scrolling up with the page change...user error.

    As far as the name of the drama,,,,,,,I do not know where you get your master but perhaps they made the mistake as other people who know of this drama have asked why the name changed.   It has never been titled as Jewel in the Crown nor does it come up when you search the title on the net......this is only found on Viki.  Luckily when you search for Dong-Yi it comes up.  Dong-Yi is a classic and many people re-watch it over time but would not know to look it up under "Jewel in the Crown".

    I am not alone.  See below:

    From user  comments;


    • Why did Vicki change the tile this is Ding Yi not jewel in the crown that's another drama? Anyone knows?

      For some strange reason I feel hurt by the name change... anyway definitely my favourite historical Korean drama of all time will watch again for the 5th time .I have never cried so much watching a drama.... the acting is amazing even the kids..

      Yes the name changed so the thumbnail of each episode but I love very single second of it

      Hey, the name of the drama change?


       I will go to Viki Ideas to see if it would work for my suggestion.  If you would do a classification of comments I am sure subbing criticisms would be one of the highest.  They are wasting time complaining as they just have to wait if they want to watch a drama that releases only one or two episodes a week.  Some of the comments are nasty when the status is "Today" and it doesn't show up with subs for another two to three days. 

      Thank you for getting back with me.


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  • Hey there texasgal,

    Thanks for your reply! We're glad that it was not a bug or glitch :) 

    I'm afraid that due to contract obligations, we have to display the title as per what the Content Providers request. In these scenarios, we are not able to make any changes to the title.

    We do thank you for sharing with us! 


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