There appears to be no work done on the last 5 episodes of this great, entertaining show.  I do understand how the volunteering works, but there should still be oversight and a way to keep subtitles done when volunteers fail to do what they said that they would.  This lack of responsiveness to finish subtitles ruined "The Last Empress" for me and is getting really frustrating with this show.  I know what I pay is largely for the streaming, but their should still be responsibility on the company for making sure that subtitling is happening--otherwise your quality control and overall service is derelict!!!! More than a week is deplorable.  This is a show with RAIN in it.



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    Hi there,

    We're so sorry to read this and we hear you. Our Community Development team is working hard to ensure that subtitles are done for our titles.

    I'd like to suggest that you head over to this link to request for the subtitles and we'll do our very best to make it happen as soon as possible. 


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  • I agree. Some of the shows I've started watching only partial subtitles. It's annoying because I'm paying a monthly fee. They should hire people to do the translations

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  • Same issue.  Very disappointed.  What happened to the subtitling team?  At the very least, an explanation should be posted...along with a timeline for resuming the subtitles.

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