No subtitles on several shows

Enclosed are photos clearly showing Rakuten advertising the show in English. One of your volunteers replied to my concern. Why are volunteers answering the question? Is this why Rakuten Viki is performing so sloppy? The person asked for photos I replied on this link I can not add photos. She ,it or what have you wants me to believe Rakuten Viki has never said they offer subtitles. Do you believe Roku, Amazon are allowing you to stream through them with the understanding you are only appealing to one class of people Asians. And that it does not say English 100% anywhere on any of there shows and I am looking at it as I write this.



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  • The person you are referring to is probably me ...

    Why I answered? I thought you wanted to know something. Am I wrong? Another point it's the weekend, Viki staff are working at the Help Center from Monday to Friday.

    Why do volunteers in general answer here? Because we would like peoples to understand Viki better and this is an open space. We would like it, and don't be too surprised, if Viki would have more and timelier customer service. We are not to happy either of this situation and hope Viki finds a more transparent way. Anyway, if you don't like this kind of open space, you might want use this form:

    What volunteers like me wonder, or most of us do - Why do so many users never seem to read information they might need to read like:

    In there you find the link to Term of Service and Privacy Policy.

    Are the chances for Viki to still answer to your post smaller because I answered? No.

    They hopefully will reply to you on Monday, at least I wish they would like to do so.

    I can't see any advertising of 100% subtitles for TV boxes or whatever, since I live in Europe and Viki does not offer a service like that here.

    I wish you a nice weekend and as I wrote hopefully a reply on Monday from Viki.

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