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Is there i away i can turn off learn mode off my tv. It hard to read the 2 subtitles go at the same while they are on. I just double subtitles just now on my app. I was watch a show this morning just fine when i went on later today and got i went on there were 2 subtitles on my screen. Please have for us user to disable the learn mode on our apps on our screen. Please have away to disable the learn mode on our apps if we don't want them. 

I was watching some of the Chinese show without the learn mode for awhile now on my tv app. Now it all has learn mode on. The only ones that do not have learn mode on is the Korean shows. Please fix this problem. 

I went through my setting it is off



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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in to us.

    Could you let us know the show titles with the double subtitles? It seems like you are seeing the 'Hard Subs' on those shows instead.

    Several Mandarin shows have hard subs, which means that the Mandarin subtitles are embedded on the video itself and cannot be removed. 

    For such videos, we automatically add a black background behind translated subtitles to make it easier to watch. You can see them in titles such as Listening Snow Tower whereby they appear on top of the hard subs.

    You can also manually alter the background and subtitle colors to make them more legible. For more information on how to do so on web, please refer to this FAQ.

    Hope this helps!


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