What does the commitment 9f your volunteers have to do with paying customers

I can not believe this, as if it is the paying customers fault why you can not provide ENGLISH subtitles. What are we paying for? Viki should have had all this worked out before you advertise that you would provide shows with 100% subtitle. This isn't just one program I am talking about but SEVERAL shows that begin subtitle and then stop mid episodes. Negotiator, Return The World to You, Interpreter, Guardian and this is to just name a few. You have no right to say it depends on our volunteers to run your company and at the same time expect paying customers to pay 132.00 a year for a very poor mismanage company. Do you not have to answer to the FFC or some federal government for poor handling of customers.



  • I don't know what is going on at this company but it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I pay for a yearly subscription and the subtitles in English are not coming out in a timely  manner. As I see from the above comment and the comments posted on the dramas discussion page that I am not the only one feeling this way. This needs to stop before this company starts losing paying customers.

    Felicia Dozier  

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  • At this point I think any comments to this company Viki does nothing. I have looked at several review sites for Viki and they all are negative . The only bright side to this train wreck is Netflex is finally bringing more programs like what Viki suppose to have with subtitles and new episodes every week with again subtitles. They are beginning to see this is a profitable market. As for Viki it is one of those wait and see.

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